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《飛花落院》以唐詩「息燕歸簷靜,飛花落院閒」來命名,位於台中新社海拔465公尺,是個充滿禪意又四季分明的日式庭院。 私密的和宅料理美學空間,期待讓訪客能擁有留白的時間,遠離塵囂的世外桃源。

Inflorescence was inspired by “Perching swallows return to the eaves in peace, flying flower petals drop in the garden at leisure”, a poem of the Tang Dynasty. This Japanese garden retreat is full of zen with distinct four seasons, located at an elevation of 465 meters in Shinshe, Taichung. To invite each guest to enjoy every serene moment in this great escape, Inflorescence creates a private and aesthetic space dedicated to Japanese kaiseki cuisine.

緣由 Reasons

歷經十個寒暑規劃建造 -於2021年4月24日正式開幕。建築空間由『木』與『石』,『竹』與『泥』構築,自然的『風動』、『光影』、『雲霧』、『夕晚』帶來簡單卻不單調,豐富但不張揚,佇立在山與城交界的新地標。連結從在地到國際,樸食及精緻,運用當令食材結合空間的流動,創造精緻溫暖的用餐記憶

Taking 10 years to plan and build, Inflorescence was open on April 24th, 2021. Wood, stone, bamboo, and mud are embraced in the architecture design. This new landmark stands on the border between the mountain and the city, where wind blowing, light shadow, cloud mist and silky sunset are found for simplicity yet sophistication, abundance yet unobtrusiveness.

Thinking globally at Inflorescence, we also connect locally. We draw on the vast resources of local and seasonal ingredients, serving pure food and delicacy to create heartwarming dining memories.


  • 僅透過官網提供90天內的訂位,恕無法透過電話、E-mail、臉書或 IG 留言訂位。
  • 僅接受 12 歲以上顧客訂位,餐點內容與成人無異。
  • 餐廳會依時令食材調整菜單內容。
  • 因不可抗拒之因素或意外 ( 颱風 / 暴雨 / 道路阻斷..等 ),餐廳將保留取消或更改預約的權利。
  • 來店用餐請著合宜服裝:
    • 好鞋-穿脫方便、高跟鞋及長靴較不方便在室內 / 戶外環境走動。
    • 好襪-客席設有榻榻米,衛生考量請穿著襪子。
    • 好清新-全店保有自然生態,請勿噴香水避免吸引昆蟲。
  • 餐廳全區禁菸,電子菸屬於禁菸範圍之內。
  • 餐廳不提供餐點外帶或打包服務。
  • 餐廳禁用外食 / 外帶飲料,不接受寵物入內。
  • 提供飛花落院貴賓專屬停車場。

Dining Guidelines

  • We only accept reservations within 90 days prior to your desired date from our official website. Reservations through phone, E-mail, Facebook, Instagram are not accepted.
  • Reservations for children 12 years old and younger are not accepted. Children over 12 years old are required to order the same course menu as adult guests.
  • All menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or change a booking due to events and circumstances beyond our control such as typhoons, storms, road closures. 
  • The dress code is smart casual.
    • Shoes: Please wear easy-to-wear shoes. High-heels and long boots may make it inconvenient for you to walk in and out.
    • Socks: For sanitary reasons, please wear socks since tatami flooring is used in the indoor dining space.  
    • Fresh air: To protect the natural environment and not to attract mosquitoes and bugs, please don’t wear perfume or use any fragrance.
    • No smoking including E-cigarettes.
  • No take-outs and take-away containers for leftovers.
  • No outside food or drinks; no pets allowed. 
  • There is a dedicated car park for the guests.


  • 開車 : 南下建議走國道一號 / 於中清交流道下,轉 74 號快速道路松竹路口下交流道,行駛至東山路左轉直行約 25 分鐘,新社區中興嶺圓環往水井方向。
  • 公共運輸 : 台中火車站 / 台中高鐵轉乘台中捷運 - 松竹站下車,搭計程車約 25 分鐘抵達。

Directions to Inflorescence:

  • Car:
    Take Freeway No. 1 → Exit at Daya (174 km) → Change to TW Provincial Highway No. 74 → Exist at Songzhu Road → Turn left into Dongshan Road → Continue straight on for approximately 25 minutes → Enter the Zhongxingling Roundabout at Xinshe District → Take the third exit at the roundabout → Keep right at Zhongxingling Street → Inflorescence is on the left.
  • Public Transportation + Taxi:
    From Taichung Train Station or Taichung High Speed Rail Station:Transfer to Taichung Metro → Get off at Songzhu Station → Taxi (approximately 25 minutes ride to Inflorescence)
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